• Fresh Lamp Prohibition
    Post time: Feb-23-2024

    Have you noticed recently that the lighting in major supermarkets and markets in China is very different from before? The red light shining on fresh meat, the green light on vegetables, and the yellow light on cooked food are all gone. The newly revised "Measures for the Supervision and Administr...Read more »

  • Key words to follow in 2023
    Post time: Feb-22-2024

    2023 is a crucial year after the pandemic, full of challenges.  Seeing the keywords mentioned by professionals in the industry and feeling the impact, I hope our company can continue to move forward with light[XC1] . Keywords: Not easy  ——Ling Yingming, Chairman of Zhejiang Lighting Electrical Ap...Read more »

  • Basic knowledge of chromatics-2
    Post time: May-05-2023

    三、Perceptual characteristics of visual system The human visual system has many characteristics in the perception of color and its spatial details, such as visual residue, insensitive to sharp changes in edges, and stronger perception of brightness than color. Theoretically, every color in natur...Read more »

  • Basic knowledge of chromatics-1
    Post time: Mar-21-2023

    一、 What is color From the perspective of physics, color is the result of human visual system's perception of visible light. The perceived color is determined by the frequency of light wave. Light wave is an electromagnetic radiation with a certain frequency range. The wavelength that human eyes...Read more »

  • Clean room lighting
    Post time: Feb-20-2023

    Traditionally, we often divide lamps into indoor lamps and outdoor lamps. There are also different requirements in application environment and product standards, but this is relatively extensive. Also, indoor lamps have different environmental conditions and application requirements for household...Read more »

  • Color temperature and color coordinates
    Post time: Dec-08-2022

    Color temperature When a standard blackbody is heated (such as the tungsten wire in an incandescent lamp), the color of the blackbody begins to change gradually along the dark red - light red – orange – yellow – white - blue as the temperature increases. When the color of the light emitted by a l...Read more »

  • How to prevent lamp glare
    Post time: Nov-08-2022

    "Glare" is a bad lighting phenomenon. When the brightness of the light source is very high or the brightness difference between the background and the center of the field of view is large, "glare" will emerge. "Glare" phenomenon not only affects viewing, but also has an impact on visual health, w...Read more »

  • Fluorescent lamps will be eliminated in California from 2024
    Post time: Oct-09-2022

    Recently, foreign media reported that California has passed the AB-2208 Act. From 2024, California will eliminate compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and linear fluorescent lamps (LFL). The Act stipulates that on or after January 1, 2024, screw base or Bayonet base compact fluorescent lamps shall not...Read more »

  • Application of sensor in lamp
    Post time: Sep-22-2022

    At present, there are two kinds of sensors used in lamps: infrared sensor and microwave sensor. Electromagnetic spectrum Both infrared ray and microwave belong to electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic spectrum of electromagnetic wave ranged in the order of wavelength or frequency and energy ...Read more »

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