Brief Introduction to LAB

The Jiatong company always regards the product quality as its life,and established its own laboratory since 2005.The laboratory covering a total area of 50㎡,which has about 20 equipment and fixed assets of 500,000 Yuan.All the test equipment shall be calibrated and inspected each year and can be used only after pass. The main equipment:variable frequency power supply,percussion hammer,multi-channel temperature tester,constant temperature and moisture test chamber, drying oven,earth resistance tester,Hipot tester,ball pressure tester,sand and dust test chamber,leakage current tester.ballast analyzer, glow wire tester,waterproof test set,waterproof test set,quality inspection and test instruments and other equipment.
From establishment to now, the laboratory has conducted and finished many researches and test tasks. The laboratory aims to improve the quality of finished products and innovate new products better,after years of development, the laboratory has fasten the leading position in cargo testing and inspection and plays an important role in the Company’s R&D on high quality and high value products .12 13 14



Post time: Jul-16-2019
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